CHED Commissioner, Dr. Libre graces Curriculum Revision of NEMSU

by: Marc Daniel Enero | March 17, 2023

CHED Commissioner, Dr. Libre graces Curriculum Revision of NEMSU


During the Curriculum Review, Revision, and Mapping across Programs of North Eastern Mindanao State University, CHED Commisioner Dr. Jo Mark M. Libre afforded his overwhelming support for NEMSU by virtually gracing its curriculum revision activity despite his hectic schedule.

Dr. Libre expressed his concern regarding the current situation of the students and challenged the university to consistently examine and revise the curriculum.

"The curriculum has always been the heart of every academic institution, and I challenge the university to have a constant conduct of the curriculum colloquium with our stakeholders," Dr. Libre articulated.

In support of the curricular revision activity, Dr. Libre lauded the intervention of the University's administration with it's continuous dedication to pursue quality education.

"It is through the changes that we will make to the structure and design that we somehow align the instructional activities and materials of the program as well as the institutional outcomes," the Commissioner added.

Nearing the end of his message, Dr. Libre reiterated his challenge to the institution in applying the main purpose of the activity and consistently reshaping the academic landscape of the university for the years to come.