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The Guidance Center Provides comprehensive and development program which facilitate the optimal development and well-being of every student cognizant to NEMSU's mission-vision.

Programs and Services


It is the process of assisting and guiding the person to resolve his/her personal, social, psychological, academic, career and vocational concerns. It leads individual towards better self-understanding, goal setting, planning and decision-making. This can be given individually or in group basis according to the particular needs of the students.

  • Individual  Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Routine Interview

Test provides “information in meaningful terms through quantitative description.” It is provided for the purposes of determining one’s personality – strengths and weaknesses, school ability, aptitude, interest and vocational inclinations through the aid of standardized test.

  • Intelligence Test
  • Admission Test
  • Aptitude & Interest Test
  • Personality Test
Career and Placement Services

It  guide students in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices. Through the different programs and activities students acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to identify options, explore alternatives and succeed in life.

  • Career Education
  • Career Fair
  • Pre-employment Seminar-Workshop
  • Mock-Job Interview
  • Job Placement
Information Service
  • Orientation to New Students
  • Seminar/Symposium
  • Group Process / Structured Learning Experience
Follow up

The appraisal of how counselee’s who have been counseled, placed, or referred are doing, to determine whether further assistance is necessary.


A coordination of multidisciplinary team of specialist to ensure that the student-client  need is met. It is the tapping of agencies, organizations, or individuals that maybe of better assistance in the counselee’s resolution or creative management of the problems.

Student Support Program
  • Peer Support System (PSS)


Pre–employment Seminar
Pre–employment Seminar

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Job Fair 2017
Job Fair 2017

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