The program will produce graduates who are:

  • Highly competent marketing managers, marketing executives or marketing directors;
  • Business leaders who possess knowledge of the principles and concepts of marketing;
  • Business practitioners who organize or manage entrepreneurial activities if they decide to be self-employed; and
  • Willing to pursue a teaching career or graduate studies in business.

The program will produce graduates who are:

  • Competent in facilitating the integration process in the corporate environment so they can be immediately productive once employed;
  • Equipped with complete understanding of the concepts, principles, theories and philosophies in Human Resource; and
  • Appreciative of the HR role in the organization and how they can make meaningful contribution as strategic partners in building the organization to become globally competitive.

The program will produce graduates who are:

  • Globally competent in the field of business;
  • Business practitioners who serve as catalysts for socio-economic transformation; and
  • Business leaders who possess knowledge, skills and attitude in decision making.

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The college will produce competent graduates imbued with ethical values and ideals in humane environment supportive to national thrust for social transformation.

The College is committed to:

  • Deliver quality and progressive education;
  • Engaged continually in research for innovation;
  • Involve in extension services and establish linkages with partner agencies and community; and
  • Develop competent entrepreneurs equipped with corporate social responsibility.